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Pick The Perfect Flower Bouquet For Your Date  - Here's Our Favourites!

by Shaun Srest 03 Oct 2022
Pick The Perfect Flower Bouquet For Your Date  - Here's Our Favourites!

While you are choosing the perfect flower bouquet for your lover or crush, you need to consider many things to make your relationship blossom with love. One of the best things you can do is to get help from a florist Fitzroy to make the perfect flower bouquet for your date. If it’s your first date or a romantic date night, you need to make the first impression bright and right! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your date’s favourite flower; we are here to help you out. We have compiled the all-time classic flower bouquets that guarantee magical connections and spark at first meet. Let’s get started.

Red Roses

Even history tells us that roses are synonymous with love. That’s why florists highly recommend red roses bunch to gift your special one. They signify love, admiration, passion, and desire, which is why people in love prefer to gift red rose flower bouquets as a means to express their deep love and passion. As you suit up and wear your fragrance, make sure to grab a red rose bouquet customised just for her. If you are planning to pet her with a morning surprise, send flowers online with same day flower delivery Fitzroy North and add a hidden message for her to reveal.


Considered one of the sophisticated and exotic flowers, they symbolise perfection and passion and are a perfect starter to your sweet conversations. With a purple orchid bouquet, you can make the first move with confidence. As purple orchids are seasonal and rare, make sure to check with a florist  Northcote.


These delicate beauties are never out of style. They look just like roses and are a perfect alternative to share your pure love, gentleness, and grace. If you had fallen head over heels with your lady, present her a customised carnations bouquet to steal her heart. You can get a florist to design a gorgeous mix of carnations to make her feel wow.


Of course, these bulb-head beauties are another starter for your date night! As they signify perfect love and romance, make sure to choose the colour red to show your passion and admiration towards her.


Peonies are large-bulb-headed flowers with a stunning fragrance.  These are loved for their large clustered petals and their fragrance range. Their fragrance range from sweet rose to citrusy with a mix of jasmine.  Present her a bunch of pink peonies to show your love and respect. As peonies are quite a in demand, check with a florist Carlton North to get your flower bouquet.

 Now, you have an idea about what to pick for your date night! It’s best to order flowers from floraqueen’s guaranteed same day flower delivery service. For flower delivery in Fitzroy call floraqueen on (03) 9482 6446.



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